We manage your project from start to finish.

We’re a Reliable Partner

Our organization is dedicated to building strong relationships with our clients so that we can provide you with excellent services and fast turn around times.

Laser and Forming

In addition to our current 1kw and 4.5kw CO2 laser our 8kw fiber laser will allow us to increase our capacity and shorten lead times for our customers. Our lasers are equipped with full automation system for the most cost effective production.

Robotic Welding

Robotic Welding

While we still provide manual welding, robotic welding is consistently faster, more efficient, and more consistent.

Lathe shaving away metal.


Quality and on time delivery are always at the forefront of every part that we make for our customers.  We continue to invest in new equipment so we can always get our customers quality parts on time.

Progressive Stamping

Our progressive, in house, die design allows us to get our customers “tooled up” in a cost effective manner.

Plasma Cutting


Our Plasma department is a critical, cost effective service we provide for our customers when Laser cutting is not the best option.

We work hard to make sure your products are on time.

Just in Time Inventory System (JIT)

Our inventory system will help you save more than just time, it will help reduce cost because it’s more efficient. Contact us for details.